Why iSwitchBox?

A: iSwitchBox is home automation controller which connects your home to internet so that you can control your home appliances from anywhere and anytime.

Do I have to change my existing electric fitting?

A: There is no need of change in existing electric fitting. Our switch module is compatible with it.

What happens to the current switches in the house if I install this system?

A: They work as they have always done. Our system works in harmony with the physical switches, so you can use either to control your devices.

Do I need a Wi-Fi router at home for the system to work?

A: It’s not mandatory to have router in your home. You can connect iSwitchBox to internet hotspot, mobile hotspot or directly to the LAN. You can control your home even in offline mode directly from iSwitchBox control.

OK, what happens if the internet network is down? Will the system work without internet?

A: When you are at home, then no internet is required, as you can control your home directly from iSwitchBox. But when you are out of the home, then both the iSwitchBox and the phone will need internet access to talk to each other.

I get very weak Wi-Fi signal in my room, sometimes none at all; can I install the iSwitchBox module there?

A: Yes, you can. iSwitchBox works on long rage Wi-Fi modules, so the Wi-Fi signal strength is irrelevant.

I move houses every six months. How portable is the system?

A: It’s quite easy to move iSwitchBox from one home to another. It’s manageable Device.

Shall I be able to customize my home automation?

A: Yes, you can. We are providing wide range of add on features which can be added to iSwitchBox based on your requirement and preferences.

From where will I buy this iSwitchBox?

A: You can send an enquiry through our website or from our authorized dealers. You can call us directly on our helpline number.

Is there any warranty of this product?

A: we are providing 6  months warranty from purchase date and lifetime customer support.