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You can control Any home appliances .. at Anytime.. from Anywhere

iSwitchBox Smart Home Products

The most beautiful attraction of the iSwithBox home automation is you can even operate when there is no internet connectivity or router at your home.  iSwithBox makes your home smart  by connecting your home appliances with mobile app and internet.

iSwitchBox 1.1

Turn on/off your POWER appliances (Ac, Geyser, Heater, Water Pump, Washing Machine) at Anytime from Anywhere using iSwitchBox Android App.

Control 1 channel.

iSwitchBox 3.0

 It can be fit behind almost any size of switchboard.

Controls up to 3 channel.

Two way switching manual as well as from iSwitchBox app.

iSwitchBox 3.1


It can be fit behind almost any size of switchboard.

 Controls up to 3 channel.

 Two way switching manual as well as from iSwitchBox app.

Out of 3 Switches 1 works as dimmer and 2 are normal switches .

iSwitchBox 4.1


Control fan speed from mobile & light dimming.

Control up to 4 channel in which two are dimmer.

Channel and 2 switching channel.

Two way switching manual as well as from iSwitchBox app.

iSwitchBox Bulb 

Control your Light from mobile phone.

Five million colored light for preference.

Smooth light dimming.

Easy to connect.

Long operating life.

iSwitchBox 360


Automatic switch on/off Light, fan, CFL etc.

Good solution for energy saving & easy in installation. & Delay adjustment: 10 Seconds - 7 Minutes & Adjustable.

Using the automatic control product of infrared technology when people walk into the sensor range and the sensor can detect the spectral change of the human body infrared.

Photosensitive control, it will not turn on the lights in the daytime or light environment, but also can be adjusted in any lighting environment sensing lights .

Sensitivity Adjustable: Turn On Lights during Day or nights.

Lux: turn on the lights during the day or night.

Key Feature

Monitor your switches

You can easily view your switch operational time through mobile application. It will give you a clear idea of your daily usage of the home appliances at your home. It will be very helpful for you to analyse the amount of energy consumed every day.


Sleep comfortable in lazy mornings with scheduler and timer


You need not have to worry about getting up early in the morning to follow your water supply schedule, you need not have to worry about geyser schedule, simply schedule these daily activities once enjoy your


Simply 10 min installation, fits behind the existing switchboard. iSwitchBox module is very compact in size and it easily fits in any type of switchboard. iSwitchBox does not require rewiring. 


You can control home lighting without internet connectivity


iSwitchBox design a such way there is no need of controller or Hub to manage communication. not any compulsion of router at your home. iSwitchBox works locally without internet, allow to operate within network if there is no internet connectivity.

iSwitchBox without Controller or Hub

Best part of iSwitchBox is you can start with single switchboard since it doesn’t require controller. Complete freedom to user choose the switchboard want to automates.