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iSwitchBox Smart Home Products

The most beautiful attraction of the iSwithBox home automation is you can even operate when there is no internet connectivity or router at your home.  iSwithBox makes your home smart  by connecting your home appliances with mobile app and internet.

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iSwitchBox Module 6.1
  • It has six nodes which controls 6 appliances upto 1000 W.
  • Can be use for control Lights, Fan, Curtains, Fridge, TV, cooler, washing machine etc.
  • On/off, schedule, dimming and set mood to the appliances.


iSwitchBox Module 4.1
  • It has four nodes which controls 4 appliances upto 1000 W
  • Can be use for Lights, Fan, Curtains, Fridge, TV, cooler, washing machine.
  • On/off, schedule, dimming and  set mood to  the appliances

iSwitchBox-Smart Home

1-1 - Copy

iSwitchBox Module 1.1
  • It has single nodes which controls 1 appliances upto 3500 W
  • Uses for Heavy load appliances like Air conditioners, Geysers, Water pump
  • On/off, schedule ,set mood to the appliances

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Simple and User friendly approach

InorganicMind Automation understands your concern when you are away from home. Our mobile app lets you access your home from wherever you are and whenever you want.

Our mission is to give you comfort when you are at home and convenience when you are away from your home. Mobile app will let you fix the timer, set your mood preferences and control your switches from anywhere in the world at your fingertip.

Mobile app also gives you real time updates of all the connected switches even though they are operated through physical switches or through “iSwitchBox” or Web application.

Mobile app is available for both Android and iOS



Monitor your switches

You can easily view your switch operational time through mobile application. It will give you a clear idea of your daily usage of the home appliances at your home. It will be very helpful for you to analyse the amount of energy consumed every day.





Sleep comfortable in lazy mornings with scheduler and timer

You need not have to worry about getting up early in the morning to follow your water supply schedule, you need not have to worry about geyser schedule, simply schedule these daily activities once enjoy your


Simply 10 min installation, fits behind the existing switchboard. iSwitchBox module is very compact in size and it easily fits in any type of switchboard. iSwitchBox does not require rewiring. 




You can control home lighting without internet connectivity

iSwitchBox design a such way there is no need of controller or Hub to manage communication. not any compulsion of router at your home. iSwitchBox works locally without internet, allow to operate within network if there is no internet connectivity.

iSwitchBox without Controller or Hub

Best part of iSwitchBox is you can start with single switchboard since it doesn’t require controller. Complete freedom to user choose the switchboard want to automates.




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